Adele And Beyonce In Collaboration

12/22/2015 14:10
Adele has denied recent rumours she has collaborated with Beyonce but stated that they would be available to working with the star in the foreseeable future.
Beyoncé was long required to feature on Adele's new album '25', the good news is the British singer had said the rumour was false, although she did here is a duet with another pop star to seem on the LP.
"Whoever started that rumour should have been joking because anyone who knows me sees that my main priority in everyday life outside of my child is Beyoncé,” hello sheet music singer recently told TIME. 
"I really wanted to try and do a duet for this album. I spoke to someone over it who I wanted to perform it with, and that we got on as being a house racing, and we all just couldn’t logistically really understand to work. I can’t say who it's because I want to complete it later on. That’s really the only reason. It wasn’t Beyoncé!"
Elsewhere inside TIME interview, Adele also revealed she was inspired by Taylor Swift to boycott streaming services back with her album release.
"I love her - how powerful she's," Adele said of Swift. "We’ll get lumped together now due to [the streaming boycott], but I think we will both glance at the ability to say pros and cons to things whether or not we weren’t successful."
Meanwhile, Adele's new album '25' is among the most biggest-selling album inside US since singer's breakthrough record '21'.
Released in November, '25' has overtaken Taylor Swift's '1989' after shifting 5.98 million copies. '1989' has up to now sold 5.57 million since released in October 2014. Adele's previous album '21' has sold 11.37 million copies since released in 2011.
'25' is the best-selling album of the year from the UK, and reached 1 million sales within a record time of ten days, along with being one of the most downloaded album of all time inside the UK, at over a quarter of an million copies.