Liam Payne, One Direction's Member Writes First Tune

12/22/2015 14:15
One Direction's Liam Payne has unveiled his first post-One Direction track, a song he wrote for Irish boy band 'HomeTown'.
One Direction If I Could Fly played their last gig for upwards of a year - and maybe much longer - for the X-Factor finale show on December 13, playing 'Infinity' and 'History'.
Payne tweeted it for the track earlier today (December 21), stating that he worked about the track alongside HomeTown and Jamie Scott. The song may be available in Ireland for a couple of weeks, but only recently became obtainable in the UK. Check One Direction If I Could Fly sheet music here.
 If I Could Fly Singer's  fifth album 'Made inside the AM' premiered in November in this year, using the absence of Zayn Malik seeming to obtain little effect, since they raced towards the fastest-selling album of year (a figure later emphatically surpassed by Adele). The album sold approximately 93,000 copies in their first week. 
Yesterday (December 20), Simon Cowell hit out at former member Zayn Malik for his criticism with the group. 
Cowell told The Mirror:
“I think once she has had a opportunity to reflect on everything he'll probably reconsider what he’s said as it was a very, very democratic process inside the band. It is a bit rude on the people who wrote every one of the hits using them. And for the other band members. I mean all of them wrote a lot in the stuff."
“To boost the comfort I don’t even think regarding it too much because as soon while he left we sorted him out with a label nobody were thinking about him after which my loyalty was back using the boys,” he added. "Life happens to be a lot worse, right?"